September 13, 2004

Sex in the news

Buying commercial sex services from prostitutes but not using condoms. How to square this circle to avoid nasty trips to the STD clinic? Well, they cracked it in Vietnam, apparently, read the steamy details here.
It all strangely sounds like what happens every night in your local park, sans payments, between consenting males looking for some extra-marital nookie.
I wonder where Ian Walters of the Northern Territory University got the research idea from. Going cruising at night in the bushes of Darwin seems a foolhardy enterprise to me, cos you may end up with a snake larger than you anticipated or a blowjob from a swamp creature that uses far too many teeth.
But to suggest the practice as one more weapon against the spread of STDs I'm all for it. Will United Future/Destiny have the brains to put this in their manifesto?

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