March 04, 2006

Sex in the news

News item:
"The [US] Army charged seven paratroopers from the elite 82nd Airborne Division with engaging in sex in videos shown on a gay pornographic website. Three face courts-martial on charges of sodomy, pandering and engaging in sex for money."
Technology catching up with the age old tradition of soldier prostitutes. I don't think having a job on the side would warrant a court martial. How else are Army brass expecting their members to survive financially? Putting their skills and trained bodies to good use is an excellent and efficient way of fostering a good image of the army and promotes military-civilian contacts and respect, I would think. Speculation is that the site is
Furthermore, if the Army ran its own porn website, it could ease the strain on its budget. Patriotic civilians would happily fork out a few bucks to support the troops while raising and waving their willies in appreciation - flag attachments optional.
"Steve Ralls, a spokesman for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a group that helps gays and lesbians in the military, said the charges indicated that the soldiers’ behavior is a more serious matter than their sexual orientation. "I’m not going to make excuses for service members who are taking part in sexual conduct for money," Ralls said. He said that sort of behavior would be criminal regardless of a service member's sexual orientation."
So a job on the side to complement that meagre soldier's pay isn't worth campaigning for on principle. Maybe the soldiers should have joined a union rather than expecting prissy missy Steve Ralls to stand up for them.
"The charges were made under the Uniform Code of Military Conduct, which retains a provision against sodomy even though the United States Supreme Court invalidated all state sodomy laws in a Texas case it decided in 2003. The justices typically defer to the military in matters of unit discipline, and their 2003 ruling did not affect the military justice code."
Such a croc of shit. Uphill gardening isn't a crime so it shouldn't be one for employees of the US Army. Since the ancient Greeks everybody knows that service nookie is good for fighting morale.
"The 15,000 paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne are among the Army’s most celebrated soldiers. They volunteered to serve in the unit that deploys soldiers to any part of the world within 18 hours."
0800-GI-CUM, express and emergency service by elite troops right to your doorstep. I can't think of any better spend of my tax dollars.

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