April 19, 2007

The joy of net searching

Time for another look at what you have been searching for on the net and why on earth the search engines have directed you to this blog.
I get so many visits from sites that cater for one hand surfing that I'm really not sure whether they are actually finding what they are looking for, I mean, I failed to post any delectable pictures of Dan Carter's new underpants campaign, but that's mainly because it lacked bulge and substance - and that's really what counts, doesn't it?

So what about the other search questions?
- what salary do midland mainline pay their drivers?: Who cares when it comes with the perk of showing arse to your colleagues zooming past in the opposite direction. Boys have known to do this for free.
- Prince Harry circumcised? / is Wayne Rooney circumcised?: you know my stance on that particular form of vicious child abuse. I read somewhere many years ago that Princess Diana refused to have the royal dicks butchered so if Harry hasn't decided to do it we can be fairly certain he's intact. As for Wayne Rooney, any roasters or working girls out there who could inform us?
- where should guys put tattoos?: my advice would be: below the neckline, away from the crotch area and certainly not on your cock or balls. That's just yuck.
- how to put on the aussiebum wonderjock? Start with the biggest hole, hold upwards, sick legs through the two smaller holes, make sure your package fits the bulkhead area, add socks to enhance the bulge effect but not when you know you will be required to strip off at some stage. Disappointment is hard to overcome in sex. My advice: save yourself some money and go commando.
- images of naked amateur British men engaging in solo: all over Britain, every night. Try wankers.com
- naked pictures of Salvadorean girls: what's wrong with Guatemalan ones, or Nicaraguan ones? Tell us more about what is so special about the Salvadorean ones.
- unshaved possies: you sick fucks.
- Palm Beach cocksucking contest: I have informed my mates David and Mark in Palm Beach there is demand for this. They no doubt would indulge you, no worry.

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