June 26, 2007

The joy of internet searching

Time to have another one of our looks at what you have been searching for and what you have been finding on this blog - and hopefully helped you over whatever you were suffering from in your ignorance:
- The Palm Beach Cock Sucking Contest and the Salvadorean girls: those search items keep getting in the punters here. Mark in Palm Beach is most happy to oblige and organise the competition. I shall be judge. Please don't bring your Salvadorean girls, you can't practice on them (although I've been sent some specimen lately that boggle my mind: are they still called clitorises when they are bigger than your average All Black cock?)
- Dermot O'Leary circumcised: I don't know but I hope not.
- Princess Mathilde pregnant again?: what do you think I am? Hello magazine?
- Aussielicious young naturist boys / boys cumming in their tight lycra shorts / twink circumcision: Please. Get. A. Life.
- Roman Serble gay: such is the stuff that wet dreams are made of.
- Great British wankers.com: I've known a few in my time.

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