July 27, 2007

The joy of internet searching

It's that time of the month again to look at what you guys have been searching for on the internet and landed via those search terms on my blog. As ever, it's a collection of old favourites and new perversions you have managed to come up with:

- Palm Beach cocksucking contest: it's gone international and even global with related searches for international cocksucking contest and American cocksucking contest. And we haven't even sorted the regional heats!
- keeper ben alnwick, midfielder liam lawrence and striker chris brown sex orgy: ah the English foootballers' roasting video, popular as ever, and in my opinion quite a dirty little video, especially the fans in the room wanking themselves while watching their heroes treat their collective girlfriend to a spit roasting.
- chained muscle gay roman soldiers: casting for a proper classical movie, are you?
- men's masturbating video turns me on: like we needed to know that
- moving stiff arms & legs videos: bukkake for pensioners?
- Peter Russian masseur Turkish baths: could you please send him my way after you have finished with him?
- Turkish and Greek circumcision videos: you sick fucks. Seek professional help!

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