August 25, 2008

When I'm 64

Belgium is getting its first gay resthome. (News reports in Flemish) It's planned for Schoten, a suburbs of Antwerpen, and its design is all about light and airiness: big windows, a Japanese-style garden and big balconies. It will feature a brasserie restaurant (I can see the Dutch gay oldies already taking day trips to get a decent meal), sauna, pool and gym; and a shuttle service will enable residents to go to town and get back safely. The complex is not far from a popular gay sauna, Kouros, either. The owner isn't gay but has experience in running resthomes and saw an opening in the market.
Great idea. We're not all going to die young, leaving a beautiful corpse, so this would be an excellent option. I think a few spunky nurses with extra skills would be a great help to get me into the next life.

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