September 29, 2010

When imperial measurements won't do

A dating website ( did some national breakouts for average penis sizes on the punters' profiles.
We all know what gay inches are so the actual numbers shouldn't surprise you.

As I've mentioned before, the Danes are expert cocksuckers and the Norwegians have bigger cocks.
Here in New Zealand, one of the most multicultural immigrant countries, it pretty much depends on your ethnic mix. I couldn't possibly generalise on penis sizes. It's definitely liquorice allsorts in the lollypop department here.


Anonymous said...

ha ha!...that chart is a fishermans tale!...i've never found the sterotypes to be particularly true, and i have done some research...and like ice cream, you can have too much of a good's a bit weird, but Mark bought me some Liqurice Allsorts earlier, he's never done that before...i don't know what the universe is trying to tell me....hmmmmm...

BosGuy said...

Love the graphics to plot the findings. Fantastic.