February 01, 2005

Chinese visit Auckland Traffic Management Centre

Transit New Zealand welcomed an 11 strong delegation from the Anhui Province of China, who recently visited the Traffic Management Unit (TMU) in Auckland. The group was on a fact finding mission to view ITS transportation technology, particularly the adaptive signal control systems and the bus priority systems.
They also visited the Transit ATTOMS Traffic Management Centre run by TMU and were impressed with the integrated traffic management approach. The group was hosted by TMU manager Stephen Burnett: "China faces unique challenges to its mobilisation of ITS technology, not least because they have four bicycles for every car. They also face the daunting task of needing to construct some 200 Traffic Management Centres within the next five years."
Presentations were given on Transit's use of fibre optic architecture, Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic Signals (SCATS) and optimisation on routes in Auckland, as well as on the Northern Busway project including a presentation on bus signal priority systems given by Auckland City.
"We have much to offer in terms of technological development and actively encourage relationships that can lead to the exchange mutually beneficial information and business opportunities," says Joint Executive Group chairperson Joseph Flanagan.
Bus priority systems? In Auckland? My bus simply never fails to hit every red traffic light going. If there are any "green waves" out there to keep traffic flowing, they are certainly not adapted to bus traffic since it always has to stop at bus stops and always misses the green wave.

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