September 16, 2005

NZ election campaign

Gosh, apparently you're not allowed to mention the election on blogs (or in any other media) on election day. So you need to get your endorsement in early because, it seems, you may be unduly influencing people's voting intentions if they peruse your blog on election day. Never mind that I doubt any of the Kiwi pundits has changed one mind during the whole campaign, here's what I'm going to do:

I'm voting Green on the party list and Green in the electorate vote.

So there, democratic duty fulfilled for the next three years. I would pretty much prefer the current political configuration to continue, i.e. Labour minority government with floating majorities depending on the issue, and confidence and supply from various smaller parties.
Seeing politicians sweat about their future is great viewing so I'll probably watch the box on the night.

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