May 19, 2006

Sex in the news

Police are urging west Auckland residents to be particularly vigilant in response to reports of a near-naked man trying to entice young female students into his car.
Blockhouse Bay community constable Vaughn Perry says it appears the man, wearing nothing but a black vest, parks his car a short distance from where students are crossing the road on their way to school.
"Just as they're about to cross he pulls up really close to the kerb and tries to get them into his car," Mr Perry says.
The man is believed to be a 30 to 35-year-old New Zealand European of medium build. He is clean shaven and has short red hair and blue eyes.
He drives a white, four-door sedan, possibly a Honda Accord or Toyota Corolla.
The latest reported incident occurred at about 8.20am on May 10 on Kay Rd, Blockhouse Bay.
Mr Perry urges any child approached by the man to seek out a teacher or trusted adult and report the incident to police immediately.
Hmmm, 30 year old man with red hair and blue eyes wearing black singlet riding bareassed in his car. Now why couldn't I meet guys like that when I was young?
Driving bareassed is a thrill, more people should do it. Just don't suck off the driver when the car is moving. It may lead to deadly accidents.

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