August 06, 2008

20 questions meme


1: First word that comes to mind starting with the letter 'B'? Bollocks
2: Most beautiful thing in your city? Waiheke Island
3: Most desirable comic/graphic novel/animated character? Gromit
4: Latest style change to your appearance or attire? Shaved the answer to 1.
5: Barak Obama? irrelevant
6: What do you wear to bed? A little smeg after a hard day
7: What proportion of your income is derived from government funding? zero
8: Repeat the last text you sent. I'll be there at 6
9: Who would you turn straight for? Sinead O'Connor
10: Which gay media personality do you most identify with? myself
11: What was the last good thing you did for your community? all the things I do are good
12: New Zealand artist? I'm not one
13: Last illegal drug you purchased? Life's too short to do bad drugs
14: What city in the world would you like to go to next? Stockholm
15: What makes you special? my unsociability
16: Favourite beach? Palm Beach, Waiheke, the seal colony end
17: What do you think about feet? NZ's tradition of barefoot walking in public is a reason to migrate to this country
19: What was the last brand of jeans you wore? Levis
20: After-life? Enjoy this one while you can, the next one is purely speculative

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