April 29, 2004

European Union growing

This Saturday 10 new members will join the European Union, and how happy I am for them.
Go work and live and play anywhere in the 25 member countries is such a privilege, looked at it from this country where you can only go to Australia (and be vilified).
I felt lucky and privileged that I was able to leave the country of my birth (Belgium) and settle where I wanted to (the UK) and then choose to come to New Zealand. Not many people in the world have that opportunity, and I wish they would - who am I to try to preserve and reserve privilege - I am proud not to be a conservative or nationalist or protectionist.
My wish: for New Zealand to apply for EU membership and join the civilised world (if our neighbours New Caledonia and Tahiti can be part, why can't we?).
We would give them sensible farm policies and a can do attitude. We would get 450 million new neighbours to trade and play with. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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