June 08, 2004

24 Hour Party People

Watched 24 Hour Party People last night and I thought what an unsung hero Tony Wilson, who set up Factory Records, has been in the punk/post-punk era. The kind of self-help/co-operative structure of his ventures have always been the essence of the punk ethos and, quoted in the film, he never sold out because he had never anything to sell.
I think modern music's history would have been much poorer without Factory Records. Joy Division and New Order are treasures. Love Will Tear Us Apart (FAC 23) is still the best single ever.

Ian Curtis is still very much missed. Sean Harris was brilliant in his role in the film.
Vinni Reilly (Durutti Column) was the sweetest Factory pop star of them all.
I never cared much about the Madchester scene or all that drug-fuelled raving, I never went to The Hacienda (FAC 51) but I was at this live concert.
It was a lot of fun trying to collect all Factory label products numbers, must be the Aspie in me.
Also some wonderful (even contemporary) Fac stuff here.
Factory has a blog.

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