August 21, 2004

In Wowser country, when you are 18 you can:

- drive a car (even without 3rd party insurance, what are you? a poof?)
- join the army, navy and airforce
- die for your country (follows previous item)
- watch a porn movie (you're actually allowed to do it from age 16, but can't watch it till 18)
- perform in a porn movie
- have a cigarette after sex (or before, or during if it's that boring)
- get married (if you're stupid enough to think that the sex was that good)
- have a fulltime job
- join a union
- run a company
- own a company
- sue your bastard boss
- go to gaol
- travel the world without your parents
- vote
- run for mayor

But if the local wowsers have their way, you can't have a beer!

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