August 26, 2004

Will mumsy come to the rescue again?

Mark Thatcher (Sir, if you must, he inherited the baronetcy title from Mum) was arrested in Cape Town on charges of helping the mercenaries and coup plotters against the dictator in Equatorial Guinea and who got arrested in Zimbabwe en route to their destination.
Sir Mark has a long involvement in shady dealings, no doubt very much helped by trading on his name and relationships back in Blighty and around the world.
Remember when Mummy had to despatch a search party to help find him when he was lost in the desert? Looks like she has to get him out of trouble again, but will she be able to? Last time I saw her at her old mate Reagan's funeral she looked like she was ready to join Ronny real soon.
And the time when she keeled over her notes while giving a speech in Chile (of all places!) in favour of her old mate Pinochet, she looked like a robot that had run out of batteries. That was classic television news.
Anyway looks like sonny boy was trying to emulate mommy by trying to grab power in an oil-rich country, suck it try, flog off the national assets to his mates and the locals gullible enough to pay for something they already owned.
Hey, they claimed it worked for Britain, so why not for Africa?

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