December 10, 2004

Dominican Friars caring for Muslim "terrorist threat"

Algerian refugee and asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui was released on bail in the care of the Dominican Friars in Auckland. This is big news in New Zealand, because it's not an every day event that we get cases like this.
What interested me more in the story, as an amateur historian, was the "Dominican Friars" bit. So I looked them up, because I remembered reading about them as having a less than savoury history. And yes, they were (are?) an order deeply involved in the Inquisition:
The papal inquisition was staffed by professionals, trained specifically for the job. Individuals were chosen from different orders and secular clergy, but primarily they came from the Dominican Order. The Dominicans were favoured for their history of anti-heresy, education, and skill in debate. As mendicants, they were accustomed to travel and not interested in personal gain.
(from: Wikipedia)
I'm not sure whether I would enjoy being released into their care (unless "Dungeons, Friars and Inquisition" was a theme night at The Basement)

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