September 28, 2007

NZ firemen's calendar 2008

It's that time of year again when all that hard work at the gym is put to good use for charity, pumped poses are struck, baby oil is applied to pectoral areas and the possible lewdness of any scenes is photo-shopped. So here's the New Zealand firemen's calendar, proceeds from which go to the Child Cancer Foundation.

The best thing about is that firemen actually go out to shopping malls selling them for $10, so you can get up close and personal, if you dare.

UPDATE: I bought a calendar from a burly fireman who came into work to hawk the calendar. He promoted it as "the ideal Christmas present for chicks". I couldn't bring myself to wake him up from that happy state of affairs. BTW, it's $10 well spent as the men look gorgeous, and for that price it's a bargain compared to some of that overpriced beefcake fare.

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