July 02, 2005

Grumpy Old Men

It's not often enough these days that I can sit in front of the gogglebox and find myself groan, giggle, cheer, jeer and laugh out loud all within half an hour, but it happened with the first instalment of the Grumpy Old Men series.
I'm definitely one too, considering I found myself in furious agreement with most of the sentiments expressed by John Peel, Rick Wakeman, Sir Bob Geldof and Will Self, among others. Too many subjects to list but honourable mentions must go to contemporary flared trouser wearers [sneer], body piercings [arghhh] and female beer bellies [barf].
And then there was The League of Gentlemen with that most memorable quote:
"When the shit's been shat..."
But how does the quote end?

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