August 24, 2005

From the vileness corner

I received my first death threat, not because of this blog, or from Pat Robertson, but for the work I do. I guess when you work for a relatively visible media company, you get your fair share of nutters watching/listening. Although we've had all manner of criticisms and praise, the level of vileness in the latest missile was unexpected and surprising. The occasion was a programme from Art Resistance TV called "Palestine Under Occupation". After sending me a bomb threat and I responded by referring his email to the police and his ISP, he shot back:
Dear Heir(sic) [me],
I am surprised that you did not call the Hitler Youth Movement; after all you did murder 6 million Jew during the 30's and 40's plus you are quite happy to propagate further Hate Crimes on your Television Station. I think in a court of law, I could have a jury of my piers (sic) accept a claim of justifiable homicide if you should ever happen to suffer the same fate you propound repeatedly on your Public Station. I am sure that the police a fully aware of the vandalism we suffer after all your anti-Semitic programs. Those of us who escaped your gas chambers were taught to combat violence with violence. See you in court!
[His full name?]
People seem to be extremely touchy over the Israel/Palestine issue, especially since the programme in question was intelligent, moderate, illuminating and well put together without any strident partisan tone. Maybe that's why no other TV stations in NZ would broadcast stuff like that.
Or he simply forgot to take his medication.

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