July 13, 2006

Is raping and killing genetic or learned behaviour

"A man has admitted abducting and raping several women in Auckland over a period of two months.
Frankie Edwards has admitted abducting six women, and raping three of them between April and June this year.
In delivering the case for sentencing, Judge Philip Recordan said he was disturbed to read of Edwards' use of methamphetamine while committing his crimes.
Detective Sergeant Megan Goldie says Edwards' early guilty plea will save the victims from having to re-live their ordeal by being put through a trial."
Via Radio New Zealand

Frankie (pictured right) is the brother of Phillip (picured left), the ageing rentboy who manslaughtered an ageing queen two years ago.
Death seems to run in that family. Is it in the genes? But thank godess brother Frankie is a red-blooded heterosexual (just like brother Phillip, who pleaded "homosexual panic" for his fatal lashing out), even though he needed speed to get it up and on with his unwilling girlfriends. Together both brothers have 120 convictions between them. And there are another 11 brothers and 3 sisters in their family. Which would constitute an argument for reducing their gene pool, no?
May they both rot in their cells with their backs glued to the wall and their fingers up their arses.

As an addendum, Tim Barnett MP is looking at how to scrap the "homosexual panic" defence in murder cases.

UPDATE: The Herald now reports that the family of the manslaughterer Phillip denies that rapist Frankie is his brother or even whanau at all. Imagine how that would look on some twisted reality TV or talk show. A ratings bonanza.

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