August 30, 2005

A sparkly Monday in the South Pacific, shame about the windy conditions in Louisiana

To the good people in New Orleans: don't worry too much about the hurricane. Just pump the water out and throw a fabulous party. We're thinking of you! I hope to visit your fine decadence one day and contribute to its lewd image. It has always sounded just like my kinda town!
Bilmon describes the situation soberly without having to resort to apocalyptic metaphors. It looks like the future of New Orleans is either non-existent or as a North American version of Venice. I'm sure they will come up with a creative solution.
Yesterday we spent an agreeable lunch time on the beach, a first since last summer ended. The assorted beached whales, as we affectionately call the unattired men who people the beach day in day out, no matter the weather, flapped about in the light swell. They hooted the water was the warmest so far this winter. I believed them but I wasn't game to try it out. I even kept all my clothes on - a first too!

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