September 20, 2005

Green MP to run naked through ACT MP's electorate

Green MP Keith Locke had said in the election campaign he would run naked through a stretch of Epsom if Rodney Hide won the electorate.
On some Tory blog's comment section this is a cue for speculating about personal hygiene of and body hair on greenies. Conservative voters, especially in urban areas (but we know now they really all live in the provinces) claim they wax and mousse and brazilianise within an inch of their life - I can well believe Bob Clarkson's testicles are smooth after all that attention. They may have a point: it's the reason why "straight" men in Auckland look like faggots while card-carrying members of the cocksucking order all look like real men these days - unshaved, uncouth and uncut.
I must be such a bad homosexual for never having had a wax or a Brazilian. Oh wait, there was that one time with Jorge in a dark corner of Lateshift one sultry summer night in 1998.

UPDATE: the promise was kept last weekend (see picture)

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