September 20, 2005


Recommended reading in case you have had enough of all the political elections, a new edition of gay Kiwi photo magazine "Jack" is out. It's free from gay venues and the current theme is rugby.
It features an interesting historical reading of rugby in New Zealand in all its hidden but glorious homo undertones. Written by David Herkt, who did that TV series on drugs in New Zealand, but I'm doubtful he'll be able to make a show on rugby and faggotry - perhaps his Jack article was to pitch a TV script.
The magazine also features - less successfully - rugby apparel as street fashion wear, and a series of elaborate personal advertorials - complete with email addresses, so no fumbling with SAEs.
Some of the questions they asked of the contributors were interesting: If you were stuck on a desert island with Daniel Carter, which three things would you like to bring along? My answer: Frederic Michalak, Christian Cullen and Tom Boonen. (and Ben Cohen as a stand-in for the stunt scenes)

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