October 18, 2005

Watching some good stuff on the dread gogglebox:

Burn It: Riveting series about 3 Mancunian Hacienda veteran mates and their current not-so-glamorous life after the "Madchester" comedown. Super soundtrack for that drug-sodden generation - nothing angsty about them! - but I can't somehow imagine that any of our heroes had Morrissey posters on their bedroom wall at the time. Quote (on how to make up after falling out between mates):
"I showed him my arse and he showed me his."

Shameless: Roaring great fun with Frank and his brood on their northern English housing estate. The episode with the lesbian pub toilet scene was priceless - giving Kev the biggest hardon in his life! And the Xmas Special featuring a memorable blowjob scene behind an army truck and involving some suspiciously white underpants on the signalman being serviced.

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