May 12, 2006

Good news from Hawaii

(via Queerty and AP)
The state will pay $625,000 and change policies at its only youth prison to settle a lawsuit over alleged abuse of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inmates, according to a proposed settlement.
The lawsuit involves three inmates at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility who are lesbian, transgender and gay, the attorney general's office said.
They claimed they were physically and emotionally abused by guards because of their sexual orientation. They also said correctional officers didn't intervene when they were harassed by other youths in the prison.
We were watching "Dog, The Bounty Hunter" the other night, a reality trash show set on Hawaii, where Dog and his whole whanau goes hunting for escapees and fugitives from the law.
I don't know why every family member has to conform to the standard trailer trash stereotype: bleached mother with DDD cups, dad with bleached mullet halfway down his back and snotty kids with attitude. But the eldest son, Leland (pictured left), is 100 percent trailer trash spunk and I wouldn't mind being apprehended by him if I was ever to transgress Hawaiian law.

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