April 03, 2007

A gay frat house

New York University has accepted a chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, the American fraternity founded by gay men for all men. Good news, it seems, for all fun-loving, hormonally-charged male students who want to walk on the wild side of academic life. But, sadly, no:
"The NYU chapter, with 11 members, forbids hazing and incorporates an "education" rather than a "pledging" process that requires new recruits to know the fraternity's mission, memorize the Greek alphabet and learn Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure. By offering fraternity brotherhood to gay men, it "breaks boundaries," according to chapter president Matt Maggiacomo."
Oh dear, how sad. Why else would you want to join a frat if it was not for all those pledge games? A politically correct frat does seem to me an oxymoron. But hey, this is America after all. The ABC TV report continues:
"The fraternity's mascot is the centaur, adapted from Greek mythology as the essence of masculinity — the Lambdas' version depicts a younger, clean-shaven man-horse with short hair. The fraternity motto is "Lambda men are making their presence known," and the Toast Song is "Once There Was a Mighty Man."
Forgive me for gagging. Now this is more like it:
"Last year at the University of Vermont, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity was suspended for allegedly serving drinks to underage students and making prospective members wear cowboy outfits while they were taunted with homophobic language during a party that had a theme on the gay-based movie "Brokeback Mountain."
I prefer my men to behave like total boys when they're at college.

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