April 13, 2007

Swedish skinheads angry over heavy metal band Eurovision win

Via GayNZ.com:
The leader of a neo-Nazi group in southern Sweden has been jailed for three months for an attack on the local headquarters of gay rights group RFSL in Kristianstad.
Simon Lindberg, 23, leader of the National Socialist Front (NSF) in Skåne was convicted of being an accessory to assault. A 28-year-old friend of Lindberg's was given a six-month sentence for offences including assault.
The incident happened on the 20th May last year, when members of RFSL and their friends had gathered at the organization's headquarters to watch the Eurovision Song Contest on television. Lindberg and his friend came to the building, both of them drunk. An initial verbal argument quickly became physical.
Now what were those white heterosexual Swedish boneheads doing wanting to watch that pinnacle of a gayboy's cultural calendar, the Eurovision Song Contest? Was the habitual campness of that annual event finally getting to them? Were they so incensed by the Finnish heavy metal band's win, confirming that heavy metal culture is just one of those obscure gay sub-tribes? Couldn't they just have popped over to border to Copenhagen and gotten a room at SLM where they could have dealt with their anger issues in a caring environment with like-minded men? I'm hoping to in a few weeks' time!

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