August 02, 2007

Chick TV

Staying with the television theme - what else is there to do on a stormy winter's night? - Sky Television has announced a new channel to its pay TV bouquet:
Sky Television confirmed today the launch of a new 24 hour entertainment channel, VIBE, starting Monday 1 October, 2007. VIBE is a pure entertainment offering skewed predominantly to female subscribers. The new channel will be packed with popular prime time series, many of them airing on Sky for the first time. VIBE is exclusive to New Zealand and will be available to all Sky Digital subscribers as part of Sky Television’s Start Up package on Digital Channel Number 7.

“Sky has a varied and balanced bouquet of digital channels and VIBE is the perfect compliment to these”, said Sky Television’s Director of Entertainment Programming, Travis Dunbar. “We definitely see the new channel as an entertaining and compelling addition to the service.”

The launch schedule will include a selection of hit drama and comedy series, plus compelling one-hour documentaries and high-concept reality shows. International hits such as the UK’s leading supernatural investigation series, Most Haunted, will flesh out the schedule, along with exclusive NZ premieres like Make Me A Supermodel with Rachel Hunter and Tori Spelling’s Tori & Dean: Inn Love.
Oh FFS, *another* chick channel. At least it's in the start up package but really they should charge properly for this garbage. Why is it that all the chick channels are free(-ish) while the blokes have pay through the nose to get their TV fare like the Rugby Channel or the porn channels?

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