August 27, 2007

Search the internets

It's that time of the month again where we cast a wonky eye over the search terms you have been using and have landed via them on this very blog:
- The ever-popular cocksucking contest has tempted now 10 of you in the last month. I think we may have a new Olympic sport in the making here, or at least at the Gay Games. I see there are videos with that specialty (NSFW), but I trust it's the mutual variety of the sport you are after.
- Two popular boys, and I can't fault your taste in men, Jacob Slader and Jesse Metcalfe. If I was a shit hot porn producer I'd put them together for some sparkles and sizzles. And I don't mind who tops or who bottoms.
- Macau Russian-emigre artist Konstantin Bessmertny: very worth checking out his hilarious artwork if you're ever in Macau and want to get away from the rain and gambling
- (NSFW): if you're ever contemplating buying me a porn site gift voucher for access all areas, I would request the Active Duty site. Not only is it true to what it markets (guys in the armed forces getting it off for you), the website owner continuously delivers the goods despite major harassment.

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