September 06, 2007

Consumer guide for sexually active London guys

Now for the evening shenanigans and an update on some of the London gay venues. I only got a few nights to go exploring, so I decided on two venues.
The 349 Eagle is a large pub in Vauxhall (349 Kennington Lane) complete with back garden, pool tables, porn cinema and backroom. It was free before 10pm on a Wednesday night, and quite sociable. Not something I'd go to every week - even though they encourage membership - but nice enough. I even got to chat some punters in the backroom, something which doesn't often happen elsewhere.
A far superior experience was the Play Pit (76 Caledonian Road, King's Cross), which is the new name for the King's Cross Cruising Club I went to three years ago. They have updated some of the play space but the layout and premise is basically the same: a pretention-free basement full of men eager to get it on with you. You really don't need anything more. It's booze-free (you can bring your own), without a dress code (less is better because the temperature can be a problem due to lack of aircon) and offers cheap soft drinks and free condoms. The men certainly were keen and eager and my only quibble would be the amount of barebacking that was going on. It's not something I am into and I regret the casualness of unsafe sex these days.

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