September 21, 2007

New Zealand and the European Union

Press release by the New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister:
"New Zealand's relationship with the European Union has been given renewed impetus with the adoption of a joint declaration on cooperation, Foreign Minister Winston Peters said in Lisbon today.
The declaration sets out the directions in which the relationship has moved, and explores ways it might be further enhanced. It establishes new areas of cooperation, including new agricultural trade talks, increased cooperation on environment and climate change issues, science and technology cooperation, and exchanges of educational and research personnel.
The EU is a vital partner for New Zealand. We have strong, long-standing personal links with Europe; it is our second largest trading partner; we work together closely on international issues such as climate change and other environmental concerns, and within the World Trade Organisation.
"The joint declaration is a strong reminder of the important role New Zealand can play as a partner for Europe as the EU increases the range and scope of its influence around the world," Mr Peters said".
Yes, yes, but when is New Zealand joining the EU?

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