June 18, 2008

Auckland photography

Left is the winning photograph at the annual Auckland Festival of Photography competition. From the press information:
"Manuel Toribio of Devonport made clever use of his girlfriend’s camera self timer to capture himself diving off the wharf at Stanley Bay and has taken first prize in the twenty four hour competition with his image called The Flight.
Manuel was one of hundreds of photographers who participated in the event, submitting over 800 photography entries to be judged.
Manuel is a 25 year old Argentine national and is working as barista and waiter in Devonport while he waits for his New Zealand residency."
A good thing the police didn't see him jump off the wharf as that is a prohibited activity on Auckland wharves, and you don't want a police record when you're waiting for your residency application to be approved. Not to mention the unsavoury brine he's jumping into - the Waitemata Harbour is hardly sparkling clean.

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