July 24, 2008

To the theatre

I'm not much of a theatre or show queen, you know all that. I couldn't get worked up about the recently finished live stage show of Priscilla Queen of the Desert: I passed the theatre where it was playing just before curtains up and all I could see were beige gay men and women of a certain age going in. I'm the wrong demographic, obviously.

But now I came across this arresting promotional poster for a play at the Auckland Maidment Theatre. Which pushed all my buttons. So maybe I should buy a ticket to go see it.

From the press release:
"Andrew loves Jeremy. Jeremy loves Andrew, but won't admit it. Jeremy likes to fool around with Kevin. Cheryl thinks she loves Kevin, and is having his baby. Kevin loves himself. Then along comes Denis to f*ck it all up..."
Sounds like a familiar slice of life to me.

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