August 06, 2009

To prevent chaffing (sic)...

From the Manchester Evening News (via Naked Male News):
Watch Manager Neil Gyllenship and fire-fighter Dean Jagger, both of Manchester Airport Fire Service, will be making a gruelling 3000-mile journey across the Atlantic ocean. And they'll be doing the whole thing naked.
The pair, known as 'Team Heatwave', will be stripping off to take part in the Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 to raise money for north west charities Claire House Children's Hospice and Childflight.
At the launch at Manchester Airport's Terminal 2, the men posed naked in their rowing boat to mark the start of the campaign to raise over £100,000 for the two causes.
Dean, 40, from Mirfield, West Yorkshire, said: "We'll be rowing naked for the entire time we're out there to try to prevent chaffing, so we've been scrubbing our backsides and hands to try to toughen up our skin."
Rowing the Atlantic. In the buff. In December. With nothing but each others' hands to prevent chafing. I hate to think what those pasty, smooth bodies will look like at the end of their ordeal. Will there be enough baby oil in Antigua?

And what is it with this thing of naked rowing?:

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