May 12, 2010

The UK election in my universe

In my universe election outcomes should be strictly proportional with the number of seats allocated to party shares of the vote.
In the UK's case: 650 seats and 29,653,638 votes cast (sorry for those unable to vote, campaign for internet voting next time, please).
The threshold is 45,620 votes per seat.

The UK parliament 2010 would have looked like this (633 seat parliament as party votes that reach the treshold qualify for a seat): (difference with FPP outcome in brackets)

Conservative: 234 (-72)
Labour: 188 (-70)
Liberal Democrat: 149 (+92)
Democratic Ulster Party: 3 (-5)
Scottish National Party: 10 (+4)
Sinn Fein: 3 (-2)
Plaid Cymru: 3 (0)
Social Democratic & Labour Party: 2 (-1)
Green Party: 6 (+5)
Alliance Party: 0 (-1)
UK Independence Party: 20 (+20)
British National Party: 12 (+12)
Ulster Conservatives: 2 (+2)
English Democrats: 1 (+1)

The winning post is 317 seats. A Con-LibDem coalition Government would have 383 seats, compared to Lab-LibDem 337.
This means coalition talks would have been far more competitive than current, with real alternative majorities possible.
Let's hope the British come to their senses soon and offer the electorate a real choice everywhere, with votes at equal weighting and parties far clearer on their preferred coalition partners and bottom lines.


SubtleKnife said...

Have you tried uet for the Dutch elections? Mine wasn't very surprising: PvdA, SP, GroenLinks...

Uroskin said...

Yes, I did, with a similar result. Stemwijzer didn't let me publish the result though