October 28, 2010

Local Board watch

The new Waiheke Local Board hasn't been sworn in and there are already ructions, claims of underhand tactics, undemocratic takeovers and all sorts of other shenanigans commensurate with village politics. Follow the discussion (and take part) at OneWaiheke.

The local media, especially in the form of the Waiheke Marketplace (formerly owned by one of the new Board members) has been lacklustre in both the election campaign and the aftermath. So off it was with a letter to the editor to that effect:
Dear George,

If you want to be the Waiheke newspaper of note, you will have to ensure that I do not have to go read the Herald for Waiheke news instead.

Your coverage of the Local Board shambles in last week's issue was in journalistic terms non-existent and the "she-said-she-did" stoush was entirely and unjustifiably left to the letters' page without editorial comment.

It has been obvious that Marketplace was not entirely neutral in the run-up to the elections, with various soft cock stories (no offense to the roosters!) on Ms Storer, which made the editorial bias transparent.
I will expect a far more critical eye being cast over the future actions of the Local Board by your newspaper to ensure Faye, Rich & White do not rule Waiheke absolutely.
Shortly after sending it I got a call from George. She said the reason there was not extensive coverage yet was due to Labour weekend, when the news stops. Also, the Marketplace had stories on Colin Beardon and other candidates so there was no editorial bias.

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