October 10, 2010

Policy-free modelling contest

The Albany ward elections were one of the fun races to behold. And it shouldn't surprise anyone that the hottest boy won.

Well, it can't have been a difficult choice if you were up against this or this.

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Anonymous said...

well i've liked and i'm following, and this time it's within the law...why are our local public servants so bloody ugly?...it's not fair, even 'this' and 'this' take on an altogether more appealing aura compared to our Councillors, who are local by geography and local by looks, even the banjos don't distract your attention away from the consequenses of marrying your sister and your livestock...but Michael has the look of a man full of healthy DNA...and if he shut my library down, at least he'd have a lovely smile doing it...now, this politics thing, what's that all about then then?...bit out of breath, don't know why...