November 04, 2010

What shall we do with the drunken sailors?

From Stuff: HMNZS Taupo crew got drunk at the pub and attacked a Nelson home.
The frightening incident left six windows smashed in the house next to the Ocean Lodge pub where police say the sailors got drunk.
[Felicity] Hurst, a Stopping Violence Services team leader, her son, daughter and her daughter's friend were in the house when the attack started at 11.30pm on Tuesday last week.
She leapt out of bed and yelled at the attackers, who went to the glass-panelled front door, kicked in two panes and tried to force it open.
"They were smashing and smashing and in quite a frenzy, yelling," she said.
Police rounded up nine sailors – almost half Taupo's crew – and took them back to the vessel at Port Nelson.
Half the crew has alcohol indulgence problems. Too much rum, sodomy and the lash? Or just too much rum and not enough of the other pastimes.

UPDATE: Two sailors were sent to a military prison for 30 days and their future career in the Navy is uncertain.

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