February 29, 2012

Weekend, the movie

"Weekend" is a small British picture, basically a two-hander featuring two gay, non-young, non-twink, non-perfect, provincial city dwellers, but the subject matter is vast: you meet the man of your dreams but what do you do next when you cannot hold on to him forever? The chance encounter of love is played out in a naturalistic, conversational style - and there is a lot of talking in this film! - and probably intimately recognisable to all of us who have gone out on an evening and got more than what we had bargained for.
It is almost an updated "Brief Encounter", complete with train stations, trams and bicycles (no cars feature as props or settings) but with loving, understanding friends and (very 21st Century that) facial hair.
Saying goodbye to the love of your life (or of the weekend) in a train station is dramatically and terribly romantic. Yup, been there, done that before, but lived to tell and fondly remember the tale. 

Video: film fragments and interview with the director.


Elly said...

I don't want to watch it. Partly due to the '21st century' facial hair (I am a Simpsonista after all). Partly as I love Brief Encounter so much - what else is there to add? (except for gayness).

But your review makes it sound almost good!


Elly said...

I like your review better than Simpson's too.