January 27, 2013

Headland 2013

The Headland Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition is a biennual event in which the artwork has a huge task competing with the scenery, and most times nature wins out. This year's effort was especially weak in content. I had trouble discerning any art amongst the trees and grass. There were plenty of pieces tacked on to trees and plonked next to the walkways. I imagine many an artist just went round the coastal walk trying to work out what they could do in a particular spot and most of the resulting works look rushed and improvised. 
Nothing moved me despite the number of mobiles (or things just flapping in the wind). Hanging a few red fabric balls in a pohutukawa tree does not an artwork make. 
It was especially hard on children for many pieces had a playground feel to them (strings, swings, playhouses) but a confusing "do not touch" policy for some of them, but not others, caused confusion, tantrums, and tears.
I hope the local board doesn't buy any of the entries because none of them are worth preserving much for posterity. I dread they'll inflict another tumbling down corrugated iron piece on us, and yes, seeing that there was one made my heart sink.
My award would go to "Not For Sale", the only piece that actually made you think what it meant.

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