October 04, 2003

Consumer guide for the sexually active Paris guy

Forget that Paris is for lovers. Paris is for fisters. It must be the national gay sport here. Several gay venues cater almost exclusively for that sexual choreography, such as Le Keller and The Glove and it is commonly catered for in others. I bet they are trying to get it included in the Gay Games should they ever be held in Paris. It's not really my thing but it was interesting to observe, like you would flick through an article in National Geographic: you don't really understand it unless you're part of that particular urban tribal culture.
A dozen or so sex-on-site venues compete for your favours and many organise specialised evenings for particular tastes, so there is always something that may tickle your fancy. Sunday afternoons seem popular for the underwear and naturist crowds - they even put on a buffet for when you get tired from all that meat and need some fibre in your system at L’Impact. One of the saunas, Mykonos, suddenly (we didn't know beforehand) became a spankers’ meeting, so a lot of happy slapping of skin on skin, leather on skin and leather on leather (there were a few mature guys there too) was sounding around the steam rooms. In all, it was an excellent few days exploring and experiencing.

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