November 08, 2007

The joy of net searching

What unspeakable terms have you been searching for again this month?:

- bad lads army naked: the officer class series was absolutely splendid and it certainly gave me some inspiring tips to apply at my next SM club meeting. The cold water bucket splash on the prostrate nude recruit's backside (after he was deliciously ordered to spread his legs) had me squirming with jealousy
- pube styles: mine's short back and sides, love a mohican too
- ejaculation contest: is this to complement the cocksucking contest?
- fake dick in porn movies: I would imagine there are so many surplus males available around the world that real dick prices have come down and fake ones are no longer needed
- home and away stars naked: yes, forget Neighbours, H&A has always had the better looking Aussie males
- home video Arab house wife fuck: you simply have no taste
- Japan penis day: what a splendid idea, and yes, it exists, more details here
- Owain Yeoman naked: yummy, you certainly have taste
- black boat sculpture clay or art or bird or stylized or boat or death or porcelain: Note from Google: please don't search the net when on illegal substances
- why did Rocco Siffredi get circumcised: last time I saw him he wasn't. Link is NSFW.

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