April 28, 2004

Latter day Queen of Sheba

And the Colonel came to Europe to show good a boy he has become after all the minor disagreements such as the French and American planes bombed down and the shooting of a British police constable.
But you gotta give it to him, after Nelson Mandela he is one of the styliest state leaders we got.
He may have looked like an old queen when he rode into Brussels town, but what struck me most were his female bodyguards, dressed in snappy blue uniforms, and looked like they could immediately get on a film set, and impress the hell out of pimply teenagers. (And it is obvious that they do!)
He may have tried to crawl from under a rock into the blinking European Spring sunshine but Libya has some way to go, according to Amnesty International's Libya report. But then, hey, what has stopped us from embracing bad boys in the past, as long as they are "our" bad boys. (Cfr. Saddam: pre-1990 Rummy's chummy; Pinochet; Mobutu; et al.)

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