May 19, 2004

Dub Asylum

DUB ASYLUM: She Dubs Me... 12" vinyl remix EP
EP release exhibition/party -Tuesday May 25th at Rakinos cafe, 1st floor, 35 High St, Auckland, from 6pm. Free!
Art by Daniel Tippett, DLT, with DJs Dub Asylum, Rob Warner, Big Matt.

Dub Asylum are pleased as punch to announce the release of their brand new remix ep, featuring some of the hottest DJ's/producers from Aotearoa - Timmy Schumacher vs Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, The Audioslut, and Matt Scott at Woodcut Productions.

The EP launch will be celebrated with a very special event: Peter has hooked up with leading NZ graffiti artists Daniel Tippett and DLT, and they will be getting a bunch of the record covers, laying them down in a grid pattern, then doing a big graffiti art mural over them, so each individual cover is a limited edition artwork.

There will be a one-night-only art exhibition at Rakinos on Tuesday May 25, displaying the finished covers (for sale on the night), after which they will be split up and sold. About 50-60 covers will be painted by Daniel and DLT, the rest will have an art stencil design on them, so every copy of the EP is an original work of art. There will also be DJs on the night, including Dub Asylum.

EP track listing:
1. Scratch N Sniff - Soka So Good remix by Timmy Schumacher vs Substax (feat Sandy Mill – vocals)
2. You're So Sensible - The Audioslut remix (feat Willa O’Neill – vocals)
3. What the Funk - Rob Warner and Josh Webb remix (feat Sandy Mill – vocals)
4. What the Funk - Remix by Matt Scott at Woodcut Productions (feat Sandy Mill – vocals)

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