May 15, 2004

The Experiment

Watched the German film The Experiment last night on Rialto Channel. The tale is a muddled psychological set up but the issues it looks at are interesting, what with all the prisoner abuse holding a lot of attention lately. How man turns beastly to man as soon as you grant him an inch of power over his victim was very interesting, especially the power games and humiliation meted out. Those British army piss scenes - real or not - were inspired by a movie like this. There was a curious absence of sexual abuse, apart from calling each other weichei (soft-boiled egg, or sissy). The main difference of course was the absence of women in the prison guard group, which some social theorists think would be mitigating male behaviour. Not that this was the case at Abu Ghraib, but then after her TV interview I have difficulty in classing Lynddee England as a member of womankind.

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