August 18, 2004

Ageing rentboy manslaughters ageing queen

A jury of his peers(!) have delivered a verdict of manslaughter on the accused Phillip Edwards in the David McNee murder case.
Sorry, it's not a murder case. My apologies for the sloppy legal language. In New Zealand, "homosexual panic" is a lawful and accepted form of defence against a charge of murder if you find yourself, as a self-professed heterosexual, with a dead gay body on your hands. Or you have been indulging in some innocent puppetry-of-the-penis man-to-man play and suddenly you realise that if you want to get into his booze cabinet and his black Audi, you better start working fast and having his finger up your arse just cramps your style. And you don't want your buddy jailbirds to know you had a finger up your arse cos otherwise the cons will use your arse nightly, and that would be, like, really humiliating.
Now the world knows that killing a gay man in New Zealand in effect will never carry a conviction for murder, unless you have a really bad lawyer. How many classes of citizens does that create? And why not get rid of "manslaughter" too, because that implies the victim was a "real man", which obviously he was not, and call it "fag slaughter" or "Christian mercy killing" instead, with the appropriate leniency of the law attached?
Time to abolish the panic defence, methinks too.
And time for Edwards to rot in jail, but don't hold your breath.
Anyone wants to bet he will make a guest appearance at some rightwing political party conference, claiming he either turned his life around or found God inside, following those great lights of prison rehab, Soulan Pownceby and the ex-Parnell Panther?

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