August 17, 2004

Surely not the Pink Alliance!

Cruising the right-of-centre - and right-of-Djenghis Khan - blogs (or "wingnuts" for short) sounds a bit like hard work, but it is often a source of great mirth. That leading light of the right Adam Yoshida had this great idea of creating a "League of Good Nations" (Anglo-Saxon etc) to replace that example of the devil's (and the French) work, the UN. Sadly, No! solicited alternative names for this new international alliance.
My favourite, by far, and considering how apt, is: The Coalition Of Countries Who Have Accepted Jesus As Their Personal Savior. And New Zealand. (or TCOCWHAJATPSANZ)
Given our country's secular nature - no matter how hard the Destiny Church blackshirts try - and our recalcitrance in joining anything dreamed up by the American Empire, it would surprise me if New Zealand was admitted into their alliance at all under any circumstance.

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