August 03, 2004

Real Olympics, anyone?

I lost interest in sport around the time the Romans conquered the Hellenic world and thoroughly Romanised the Olympic Games - you remember Emperor Nero rescheduling the events so he could partake in all of them and could win all of them.
Nowadays any organised sport is so completely a showcase for corporate apparel, pharmaceutical innovation and sorry jingoism that it is really a complete waste of my time.
Some attempts are being made to bring the spirit of individual sport and glory back to its roots with the Nemean Games, a worthy but only partial successful attempt.
The Gay Games (if they can get their shit together because there has been a schism resulting in two different Games held in Montreal and Chicago in 2006) have missed the opportunity to go the whole way and recreate and non-Roman, non-Christian and completely pagan version of the Olympic Games: no clothes, no women, no teams.
A Campaign for Real Olympics anyone?

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