December 29, 2003

2003 was wonderful

2003 was rather wonderful for me.
First full year in the new house, a truly grand tour of Europe which left me panting and drooling for more. All my friends in Europe are hanging in there, all ready and willing to take on the world (and me), love and godspeed to all of them. Celebrated our 15th anniversary together - never say we are married!! - hell knows how long that is in straight years...
On the negative side: our cat Becks got bitten by bloody dog and had to have his tail amputated. I call for stricter dog laws (allow the buggers to be shot on sight), not looser ones.
For 2004 I wish you all a good fuckbuddy, if you haven't already got one; safe playing and travelling; good discussions on this blog; a sense of humour, proportion (dicks and waists!) and good health.

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