October 14, 2004

The Durex 2004 World Sex Survey

The Durex 2004 World Sex Survey is out and as always eagerly awaited, so we can compare our sexual prowess with the rest of the world. I legged it to the two result columns that tickled my fancy: the sexual indulgence ratings and number of sexual partners.
The Danes and the Brits are the most into handcuffs and bondage with NZ not that far behind. The Bulgars and Croats are most into roleplay and dressing up. The South Africans and Canadians watch porn the most, but the Brits and Hungarians are the biggest dab hands with a camcorder in the bedroom. The Macedonians, the Greeks, the Americans and the Spanish are the world's biggest spankers. The Brits and the Norwegians have the biggest sex toy collections. In the corollary - the ones with the least playful sexlives as they said they don't do any of the above: the Indians and the Vietnamese.
With regards to the number of sexual partners - always a question that gets answered more by wishful thinking than a factual behaviour description - the Chinese have almost double (19.3) the number of sexual partners than the world average (10.5). Yeah, right, with the imbalance of boy-girl numbers there some girls must have been doing a lot of overtime. New Zealand is slightly over the world average at 11.9.
The "It's Good to Be A Guy" rule of thumb in this kind of survey: guys state double and gals state half the numbers of partners they have actually slept with.
I won't bore you with my own actual statistic, but 11.9? That's sort of a very pathetically low number, no? Or didn't they ask any gay guys?

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